How to Make a Perfect Massage Therapist Resume

This post will highlight the most important things for you to remember when making your massage therapist resume.  For the sake of this post I’ll assume that you are searching for a job as a massage therapist, most likely at a spa/salon or at healthcare facilities.

General Comments on Making a Massage Therapists Resume

Objective Statement

It used to be a common thing to have an objective statement on your resume, but that doesn’t mean that it is still relevant today.  If you want to include an objective on your resume, you’re probably better off writing a cover letter instead.  The purpose is to explain your situation or skills in situations that may not be obvious for the potential employer to see where you fit.  Nowadays objective statements simply take up your most valuable real estate on your resume and make whoever is reviewing it spend more time on it, which typically they don’t like.


Similar to the objective statement, having a line at the bottom saying “references available upon request” is not needed.  If the employer is interested in references they will ask you when the time comes.  Note that if you want to include the references in more detail on your resume that is OK, but still probably not needed.

Sample Massage Therapist Resume

Below is an image of a resume for massage therapist.  Use it to get some ideas on how to structure yours, but remember that there is no one right way, go with what you think is best.  The most important thing you can take from this sample massage therapist resume is that most of the bullet points have action verbs, which help demonstrate that you can actually DO something, rather than just having ‘helped out’ or read about in a textbook.  Secondly, the design is very clean; make sure you have a good amount of ‘white space’ on the page so that it doesn’t get cluttered, but at the same time keep it concise enough not to have a really lengthy resume, it should be 1.5 – 2 pages maximum.

Massage Therapist Resume


Ways to Stand Out


If you aren’t on LinkedIn GET ON! In the past few years the popularity of LinkedIn among business owners has exploded.  You can make valuable connections with people in the industry and even apply to jobs on the site now.  Make sure to complete your profile with all your work experience and education.

Personal Website

If you are tech savvy you could build a personal website to stand out; this will do a couple of really good things for you.

1 – You can fully customize your online ‘profile’ to look exactly how you want.  You can make your site into an online resume and add your link to your email signature, LinkedIn profile, and any forums you visit, you never know who will see it.

2- It gives you the opportunity to get creative.  There are no limits other than your creativity.  You could even post up videos on your site showing you applying different techniques.

3-It’s nice to have a place you can refer your clients to.  It can make communication easier and can help you branch into a private or self-employed situation down the road.