Massage Therapist Training in Arizona

The state of Arizona has a lot of rules for being a massage therapist.  I will cover all of the main things you need to know, but if you feel or need to know every detail because you have decided to become a massage therapist in Arizona, please use the source at the bottom of the page for more information.

Basic Requirements

  • Be older than 18
  • Legally be allowed to work in the United States
  • Have at least a high school education
  • Not have been convicted of a class 1-6 felony (4,5,6 are allowed if the offense was not related to massage therapy) or a misdemeanour related to prostitution
  • Pass one of the NCBTMB exams OR pass the MBLex – visit our homepage to learn more about these exams

Arizona Specific Regulations

In order to apply to become a licensed massage therapist you must have completed a course in massage or bodywork therapy that has provided you with at least 500 hours of supervised instruction at a recognized school.

The second part of application standards relates to testing.  In Arizona you must pass either one of the NCBTMB exams or the MBLex before you apply.

There is one alternative to completing both the course work and exam, which is if you have fulfilled all the items in this Section A by January of 2006 and fulfills the following requirements:

  • 200 hours of training and 3 years of practice in Arizona before May 12, 2003
  • Held a license granted before May 12, 2003

In Arizona you must renew your license every 2 years and also are required to notify the massage board if you have a change of address and phone number (personal or business) within 10 days of the alteration.  Additionally you must be able to demonstrate you have taken 25 hours of continuing education classes approved by the board.

Associated Fees

  • NCETM/ NCETMB: $225.00
  • MBLex: $195.00
  • License application: $250.00
  • License renewal: $250.00

Source: Arizona State Board of massage therapy