Massage Therapist Training in Arkansas

When applying for a license, you will have to cover the costs and arrangements of a federal and state records check.  This means you must apply to the Identification Bureau of the Department of

Arkansas State Police for a check done by the FBI, and will include registering fingerprints.  You will then have to sign a release, pay any fees, and have it sent to the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy.

If you have been convicted of a Class A felony you will not be awarded a license unless there are very special circumstances that are reviewed on a case by case basis by the board.

To apply for licensing you must have completed training at an approved school for at least 500 in-class hours and pass every course with at least a 75 percent average.

Arkansas is one of the rare states that does not accept the NCBTMB exams and only accepts the MBLex.  On top of that you need to take a ‘law’ exam to test your knowledge of the legal rules and regulations in Arkansas.

License Renewal

You must renew every two years, and to do so you must do the following:

  • Pay your fees
  • Have 18 hours of continuing education approved and completed (must be completed in the 2 year period, hours do not carry over if you start early)

Cost of License

  • MBLex: $195.00
  • License: $130.00
    • Renewal fee: $80.00