Massage Therapist Training in Michigan

The guidelines for becoming a licensed massage therapist in Michigan are not extremely clear in comparison to other states.  While there is a defined requirement of 500 hours, you are also required to complete a written exam.  There are no explicit references to exams, but from the board of massage therapy in Michigan’s site:

(2) For licensure purposes under this part, the board shall adopt only those examinations that meet all of the following requirements:

(a) Are statistically validated through a job analysis under current standards for educational and professional testing.

(b) Has examination standards that comply with pertinent state and federal equal employment opportunity guidelines.

(c) Are available to all potential candidates for licensure.

This implies that the NCBTMB exams or MBLEx should be accepted.


Now once you have your license you need to retain is by paying a renewal fee and completing 18 hours of continuing education every 3 years.


  • NCETM/ NCETMB: $225.00
  • MBLex: $195.00
  • License application: $20.00
  • License renewal: $75.00/year