Massage Therapist Training in Nevada

It is pretty straightforward to become a registered massage therapist in Nevada.  To starts off you need to make sure you get your education from an approved massage school in Nevada.  Most likely you will fulfill the second requirement of 500 hours of in-class training if you go to one of these schools.

The only other requirement to get your license other than the fee of course is to pass a national exam to show your knowledge in the field.  Nevada accepts any of the following exams:

  • NESL
  • MBLEx


There are 2 requirements to keep your license once you get it.  Firstly you must complete 12 Continuing Education credits every year, and secondly you must pay the renewal fee listed below.


  • NCETM/ NCETMB: $225.00
  • MBLex: $195.00
  • License application: $300.00
  • License renewal: $150.00