Massage Therapist Training in New York

New York is not an easy state to become licensed, mainly because of the extremely high schooling requirements.  You need to have 1000 hours of in-class education with at least 150 hours on an actual person.

One benefit however is that no national exam is required to become licensed.  A state exam, the ‘New York State Massage Therapy Examination’ is however required.  This exam is only offered twice a year, in January and August, so it’s important to plan ahead.

Another small additional item you must do is complete a course in CPR in the 3 years before getting licensed.

As of January 1st 2012, you are required to maintain your license by paying a fee and completing 36 hours of continuing education in your 3 years before your license expires.

Associated Fees

  • License application: $108.00
  • License renewal: $55.00/3 years