Massage Therapist Training in South Dakota

South Dakota used to be a really easy place to get licensed, but now there are new requirements that have been set in place to make it harder.  As of now, you need 500 hours of in-class training in order to apply to be licensed.

Next, you need to pass any of the national exams, whether it be the NCETM, NCETMB, or the MBLEx.

Now, even if you have your license you can’t stop there or it will expire every 2 years.  In order to prevent this from happening you need to complete just 8 hours of continuing education classes every 2 years.

  • NCETM/ NCETMB: $225.00
  • MBLex: $195.00
  • License: $165.00
  • License renewal: $65.00