Massage Therapist Training Requirements in Iowa

In Iowa, massage therapists are required to complete 500 hours of training at a massage school successfully.  Secondly, you must write a National exam to prove your competence.  Originally Iowa only accepted the NCETMB, but have recently made the change to allow the MBLEx to be taken as well.

The third requirement is that you need to complete a certified CPR course along with a first-aid course (These are certified by either the American Heart Association, National Safety Council, or by the American Red Cross).


Iowa has fairly simple and cheap requirements for license renewal.  Your license will expire every 2 years, but all you have to do to get a new one is pay a moderate fee and show proof of 24 hours of completed approved continuing education.


  • NCETMB: $225.00
  • License application: $120.00
  • License renewal: $60.00
  • Verification of license fee $20