Online Massage Therapy Schools

This post is going to be all about the role that online classes have in relation to massage therapy education.  Online massage therapy schools are developing an increasing presence in the field and you should be aware of their uses.  There are two main areas that we will be looking at are training to become a massage therapist and continuing education.

Training to Become a Massage Therapist Onlineonline massage therapy schools

In order to become a licensed massage therapist in most states you will have to complete a certain amount of training/schooling, typically 500 hours.  Of these 500 hours you will have a substantial amount of in-class hours where you are required to physically be at the class, usually to practice hands-on techniques.  The remaining hours must be spread over the required subjects of knowledge (You can find the amount of hours needed in your state by clicking on your state on the homepage).

In SOME cases, there will be online massage therapy schools that will offer distance education, which means you can take courses online.  These courses are your theoretical ones that don’t 100% require you to be at class to learn.  This is not a widespread offering at the moment although it is gaining ground as schools try to expand their reach.  You can check your school or prospective schools in the area to see if they offer distance education if this is something you’re interested in.

Online Classes for Continuing Education (CE)

When you have a license as a massage therapist, most states require you to maintain that license by completing X amount of continuing education hours every one or two years usually.  This is the situation where online classes are very popular and useful.

By looking at massage therapy schools online you can expose yourself to more topics than the ones in your local community, which almost guarantees that you find something you are very interested in to study and learn about.

On top of licensing requirements you may want to study additional material to help you as a massage therapist in many ways:

  • To offer a new service to distinguish your practice
  • To keep your knowledge up to date
  • To learn about the latest subjects developments in massage therapy
  • Get certifications
  • Improve your knowledge or skill to be a better therapist

There are a lot of online programs that are typically 2-4 hours intense learning on a particular specialized subject.  They can be really useful for developing knowledge in an existing or new area.  While they can’t always replace hands-on classes needed for massage therapy, keep massage therapy schools online in mind to get to the top of the field.